MySQL Fundamentals Online Course

MySQL Fundamentals Online Courses in Mauritius

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This course will start at the very beginning, with lessons on what MySQL is and how it works, to installing MySQL, then moving on to all the basic skills you'll need to use MySQL in the real world. You will also learn the popular new MySQLi framework. MySQLi is the next generation of MySQL, and if you know this now you will be ahead of the competition for a long time to come.


This course also includes two real life projects. After you've gained an understanding of how MySQL works, you'll learn how this technology is used on real websites. If you're new to web development, MySQL is the most popular database technology out there. This free technology is used to create the majority of database dependent websites (which most are).


Introduction to the Course

What Is MySQL

Installing MySQL

Accessing the MySQL Monitor

Using PHPmyAdmin


The Basics of MySQL

Creating Databases

Deleting Databases

Creating Tables

Listing and Describing Tables

Auto Increment IDs

Inserting Records

Selecting Records

Renaming Tables

Deleting Records

Updating Records

Ordering Records

Limiting Records


Like Clause

Counting Records


Introduction to MySQL and PHP

Introduction to MySQLi

Introduction to PHP Data Objects


MySQLi Basics

Getting Connected

Basic Queries

Getting Results

Getting Result Counts

Looping Through Results

SQL Injections

Variables in Queries

Escaping Values

Prepared Statements


Project | Creating a Database Wrapper


Creating a Test Database

Basic Functionalities

Adding More Functionalities


Project | Building a Contact Form


Creating the Table

Inserting Your Records

Outputting the Data