Design To Wireframes with HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course

Design To Wireframes with HTML5 & CSS3 Online Courses in Mauritius

Building on the skills you gained in Website Wireframing with HTML5 and CSS3, this course teaches you how to apply functional and attractive design principles to your wireframe. Lessons include how to select a colour palette, where to source free images, and what resources to use to integrate beautiful typography into your design. You'll discover Google Fonts, and how to integrate them into your CSS. When you're finished adding fonts and images, Geoff will walk you through the various options for testing out your site. From wireframe to fully realized design, this course is a must for aspiring web developers.


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Module 1: Introduction

Welcome! Here's What This Course Is All About

Here's What We'll Create In This Course

Module 2: From Wireframe To Design

Determining The Design's Message

Choosing Your Design's Colour Palette

Tools For Selecting Typefaces

Choosing Imagery And Design Elements

Module 3: Getting The Design Underway

Getting Started By Styling The Header

Formatting Call-To-Action Buttons With CSS

Adding Additional Shadow Effects To The Buttons

Finishing Up The Button Formatting

Typographic Treatments With Google Font API

Beginning The Features Section Styling

Finishing The Features Section

Formatting The Organize Section

Wrapping Up The Layout's Design

Module 4: Inserting & Formatting Graphics

Inserting & Adjusting The Logo

Setting Up The Hero Section Graphics

Getting The Feature Section Images Inserted

Placing The Organize & Share Images

Using A Graphic As A Button Label

Module 5: Cross-Browser Testing

Online Testing Tools

Running Virtual Operating Systems For Testing

Making Minor Adjustments For Browser Compatibility

6: Wrapping Up

Where To Go From Here